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Hi guys

I was just adding some finishing touches to one of my missions, and placing some bridge officers in their respective seats on an Emissary Bridge.

I found this to be one of the most tedious, irritating and unrewarding tasks I have ever performed. Trial and error is the only way to properly do this?

Anyway after using the forum search tool the only positional coordinates for any bridge came up for a Galaxy. Having already placed my NPCs as well as I could, I thought it might be useful to post their coordinates should anyone else wish to do the same thing. If I am right in thinking there is no other way to position the NPCs at this time, I thought this may be a good time to start a thread for all Foundry authors to contribute their bridge coordinates for any bridge they have used.

I'll start it off:


I only used four of the available chairs for my map. They are as follows:

Captain x 0.00 y 0.100 z 1.450 rotation 177.0

Seated left of captain x 2.296 y 0.00 z 0.959 rotation -178.9

BO front left x 4.468 y 0.000 z -6.013 rotation 117.6

BO front right x -4.638 y 0.000 z -5.899 rotation -130.2

You may need to tweak these depending on the sizes of your NPCs. I had everyone sitting in either "captain's chair" or "sitting, typing" poses/animations.