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05-01-2012, 08:09 AM
Originally Posted by Wraith_Shadow
Personally i'd love it if they either unnerfed melee damage or at least gave it an honest revamp like they did energy weapons. It's used just as much in Canon on shows and film and in most cases proves to be just as effective if not more so. There are numerous examples of how weak the borg are against melee combat, especially in first contact.
"Weak"? I'd suggest you watch the movie again. Only Data and Worf, both superhumanly strong and durable, last more than a couple seconds against a Borg drone. Anyone else is either swatted aside by their bionic-augmented strength or hit with the assimilator tubes.

Right now melee against the Borg matches canon EXACTLY. They don't adapt to it, they just overpower it.