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05-01-2012, 12:18 PM
Yes I agree that griefers can make PUGing extremely difficult. Most users will try and not to PUG them at all or like myself as little as possible. Even though I prefer not to PUG because of the occasional griefer and try to at first run STFs with friends/ fleet mates, second from one of several STF Chat Channels I am a member of, and then third a PUG. Running an STF in a PUG has one advantage that you donít get from friends, fleet mates, or even the STF Chat Channels.

When you are in a group (Friends, Fleet, or STF CC) you get into a routine and you are only doing the STFs the best way you currently know how from the same people you learned from or taught to. Running the STFs with the same people over and over again and you wonít learn anything new as fast as you could learn something new in a PUG. I donít know how many times I have been in a PUG and came across a new attack idea that I did not even think about or see before when running the same attack pattern with the same people over and over again.

PUGing can be a challenge and can give you several headaches, but PUGing an STF you could learn something new no matter how good of a STFer you or your fleet believes they are. I know the STFs very well, but I will never say I am a master of them because I keep my mind open to new and possibly better ideas.

There are multiple ways in freeing the captured officers on Star base 82, several ways to take down Armek on Vorn, different ways in taking out the power nodes underneath the Vega Colony, and which way is the best depends on the group. PUGing the STFs shares all ideas with everyone in the STO community.

PUGing a STF has another advantage in that you can help the newer STFers learn the STFs and help them become better and in turn those users will help others. I know there are a lot of them out there that donít want to listen or just want to grief, but there are more of them out there that just want to learn the STFs and the more experienced STFers PUG elites and even normal STFs the better for us all.

PUGing can be very painful, you may not want to do them very often, myself included and griefers can make them even more painful, but they can also be very educational; you just need to keep your mind open to new ideas.

I am not saying donít join a fleet or form a group of users to STF with; actually it is a very good idea to do so and especially if you are new to the STFs, but even though you have a group of users or a fleet that you can rely on, PUGing can still be very educational even to the experienced STFer.