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05-01-2012, 02:14 PM
Originally Posted by krenlik View Post
I've been forcing antialiasing in the CCC, and using the full-screen mode (supersomething) at box 4... forget the name. It works much better than the antialiasing in game, even when the game was set to 8.
Well, thats the weird thing, even using Supersampling (4x or 8x) gives these strange artifacts where this is a totally different Anti aliasing method then regular Multisampling,


You can clearly see in this area that AA is bugged and artifacting, the problem is it happens on some locations, and not on all locations. It has to do with Shadows or Lightning, putting my Shadows on Low will make it disappear, Putting it on Medium and High will show the artifacts.

Originally Posted by voicesinthedark View Post
10 to 1 says it's the settings you have set in catalyst. for some reason in the new 12.4 they moved the edge enhancement option to video, but either way having the edge enhancement too high will create the white pixeled outlines like your describing. It seems like every new version they come out with the values are slightly tweaked so check the actual catalyst/AMD vision engine settings first. Unless you completely manually removed the entire driver set the remove or roll back hasn't actually been fulling removing/reverting the drivers. So the fact you've tried a bunch of different drivers doesn't mean this might not still be the cause. a quite but really annoying *** way to test it would be to just put all options in catalyst/amd vision engine to use application settings and then just adjust settings in game.
My catalyst settings are all standard at the moment, except for forcing Supersampling instead of multisampling but that had no single effect on this problem. Ive tried changing every bit of catalyst setting I could change and nothing solves this issue. Again tried every older Catalyst driver, newer catalyst driver, except for 12.4.

Ive seen older posts of people having the same problem.

Video Settings and Edge enhancement have nothing to do with 3D Rendering, but with normal Video playback with i.e. external third party video players.