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05-01-2012, 02:00 PM
Well there are a lot Bridge Officers some do not know.

Borg Engineering Officer (once an Amazon special, now available in the c-store)

Photonic Science Officer (was a special when one of your friends subscribed to the game)

Breen Tactical Officer (Reward for the Deferi feature series)

Reman Science Officer (reward for the romulan/reman feature series)

Klingon faction officer (Reward for Players who reached Diplomatic 4 "Ambassador" title)

Borg Science Officer (special reward for the STF Khitomer ground mission; to get the BO go in the assimilation chamber and recieve an accolade "Assimilated". Then you find the BO at Omega Force when you contact Four of Ten

Veteran Officer (Veteran Reward). Very special BO with unique traits. There are 6 different BO to choose from

Android Engineering Officer (Veteran reward) Very special BO with unique Android traits

Aenar (white blind Andorian) available through the c-store. There are 6 variants

Catian (available through the c-store. There are 6 variants

Photonic M.A.C.O. officer (available at drozana station in the special store)