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05-01-2012, 04:48 PM
I have a few questions that I cant exactly figure out and I want to be as accurate as possible on testing.

1) Under the settings window under the combat settings, there are three windows titled Attack Vectors, Combat maneuvers, and Battle Strategy. I currently have 8 listed under here as the help you enter your maneuvers skill for your captain. But when I get down to the Power Settings, since my charater is a tactical officer I dont see any windows under skills for Warp Core Training, Weapons Efficiency, or Weapon performance. Do I just simply put 0 under these fields?

2) Under equipment Bonuses I have consoles that dont give a number but a percentage. Am I supposed to figure up the percentages to add to this or omit those and use just those with clear set numbers?

3) My final question is on the Projectile Weapon Skills section, It basically lists Tricobalt Projectiles but I am using a Tricobalt mine, do I use the projectile in this case or just leave it blank?

These might have been answered before but I am still messing with this program and hate to spend half a day scanning through the rest of the topic for answers that might not have even been given. Thanks in advance.

Well apparently when I removed the CrtD and CrtH out from under Weapons Mods, my Combat settings to the right became closer to what it says in game. The only thing thats still high is the Critical Chance which is saying 4.44% and the game says its only 2.5%. Maybe its cause I have a 10% bonus that is causing the rise from 2.5% to 4.44% on Critical CHance. The thing that doesnt make sense is the weapons DPS does not match up and I just cant find out why. The Tricobalt Mine Launcher tells me it should do 17,573 damage but its only doing 16,785 damage and its a CrtH, CrtD, Borg mine launcher. My forward dual plasma beam bank is claiming 339 DPS but its only showing up as 224 DPS.

I know I must have something not entered right and I have re-read the help multiple times even hovered over the fields and cant find where I have anything listed wrong. I just have 0 listed under equipment bonuses and I have weapon as well as shield and engine bonuses and the DPS in the calculator is reading higher than my real load out is saying it is.

Moving from DS9 to the space just outside of DS9 (not sector space) the numbers changed some so my plasma dual beam arrays are coming up as 280 DPS but its still short of the 347 DPS the calculator is stating. Still playing with it till I figure it out.