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Originally Posted by cliftona91
Or shoot down the Bop's before they can even fire their torpedoes. If what i see in Cure Normal is similar in Elite, they're still made out of balsa wood and wet tissue paper.
I'll tell you why these people can't figure out how to beat Cure Space Elite.

Simply put the mission requires a single high enough DPS ship (preferably a fast escort) who has the job of destroying the two seperate spawns of BOP coming from the Cube bases while the other four players work together on one Cube Base at a time and take out the spawn from the Cube base they are working on.

Of course this requires a small chat session with the group to decide who can do the job of handling the two BOP spawns solo.

Since the current public que does not set you up in a chat room first people go in without discussing the battle plan and it turns into a Cluster Frack.

For those of you wise enough to have listened to my suggestion about the Elite STF channel let me give you the battle plan lingo that is used by experienced players.

After determining who can handle the two spawns of BOP solo the room leader will call out the order to take out the bases.

This is most often explained by the person with the following designation in the private chat room people join before launching the STF.


What that means is the other 4 player start on the far right taking out all the nodes under the cube as well as all the spawns that appear from that base while they are doing it. They then go to the middle cube and take out all those nodes after which they destroy the middle cube along with all the spawns that appear on the middle cube.

The 5th player is managing the easy to kill BOP spawns coming from the other two bases by himself. It is imperitive whoever does this job knows they can handle it.

Then its time to hit the two raptor spawns. Crowd control comes in handy here to buy you some time since they are making a B-Line for the Kang. Cross Faction consoles are available on the exchange for Fed Players. Graviton Pulse Generators and Theta Radiation Vent consoles can still be purchased with EC for a very reasonable price. Do an exchange search for CONSOLE PACK and see for yourself. Otherwise make sure you have a Bridge Officer crowd control power handy for the mission.

After destroying all the Raptors you destroy the far right cube and then everyone goes to the far left and deals with the last Cube Base.

Following this plan you can get the optional every time on the Elite Mode.

Simple Easy Peasy.

There are other variations of this plan, but the above is the one used most often.