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05-01-2012, 06:47 PM
Originally Posted by Thirdup View Post
Syphons and shield repair drones are available (on the exchange ), and I expect they'll be patched into the Fed shipyard along with the "carrier" tab. Plus the new "blue" dilithium fighters that will release Thursday (that both factions can use). Bigger pet selection only adds to more variations. That's a win-win for both factions.

Agreed on trying out various universal console (especially if you already have them). I have the entire collection on the KDF side. I'm not as impressed with the Fed uni consoles, but there are a few more that I might pick up. I don't think the Fed side has a barrier shield console.
Yeah, I whiffed on the Barrier Shield, just replace that with the Point Defense System. My main point was this: a carrier does not play like a normal science vessel. You do not try to keep the nose on the target, you play a carrier more like a cruiser. If you build a beam boat, which I recommend, you fire broadsides. Obviously, a turret boat doesn't need to worry about relative positions, because of the 360 degree field of fire. That's the attraction of a turret boat.

The kittycarrier seems to be in line with the Vo'quv/Vod'leh, which means you crank out fighters as fast as possible and support them as best you can.