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05-01-2012, 06:51 PM
“…And THAT was how I ended up passing my Academy piloting class after the first field test.”
Admiral Rygobeth Lerginas laughed. Sokek, his Vulcan helmswoman, had just told one of the best Academy tales he’d ever heard. I suppose a backflip would do that…
“How about you, admiral?” Sokek asked him. Several of the other officers at the table nodded. “I’ve never heard you tell a story about your Academy days.”
Rygo took a sip of his ale. He thought back… he had been through the Academy three different times, as a tradition (a sojourn from Starfleet every few decades, then through the Academy again to freshen up; to break up an otherwise centuries-long career). Then he thought of one of his best moments at the Academy, his very first year.
“Well,” he said, “I suppose it’s about time, then.”
”This was back in 2315, only a year after the Achilles brought my parents and I to Earth. I was a freshman in the Academy, and since the only other examples of my species in the quadrant were my parents and I, there was a fair bit of… oddity… between my fellow students and I. There was one student, a particularly argumentative Andorian named Sh’Tak. We butted heads almost instantly…”

“Something FUNNY, cadet?!” The instructor, a Human that would backhand you if you called him anything but “Sir”, was redder than a Saurian.
Sh’Tak went rigid instantly. “N-no-“ he stuttered. Sir was in his face in a nanosecond. “I DON’T SPEAK ANDORIAN, CADET! TRANSLATE INTO SOMETHING COHERENT! Now, WHAT’S FUNNY?!”
“It’s just- well, Sir, it’s that Redskin over there. I- I thought he looked kinda funny.”

“Of course, I got steamed at that.” Raydza, Rygo’s Science officer, went wide-eyed. “You had a TEMPER, sir?” Rygo smirked. “Oh, DID I… and did HE set it off…”

Rygo was next to Sh’Tak. “Is that so, blue man?” Rygo used his race’s natural telekinetic power to shove Sh’Tak straight into Sir’s rock-wall-of-a-torso. That set the instructor off. “YOU GOT A PROBLEM STANDING STILL, CADET?! YOU are disMISSED! You’ll get a call from the disciplinary board soon.” Sh’Tak walked briskly out. He didn’t say a word, but he sent one of those if-looks-could-kill-you’d-be-dead glares at Rygo. Sir wasn’t the only one fuming.

“So, he got to stay after with Sir, but we still butted heads for a while. One day, I pushed a little too hard, and I suppose he decided it was time for some payback. We got our Spring Leave. I went off to Tokyo, to spend some quality time practicing judo. I’d barely taken it up, but it came like breathing to me. By now, I’d already become something of the gymnast I am today, but when I got back to the Academy, Sh’Tak and about a half dozen of his buddies looked me up pretty quick…”

“Hey REDDIE!” Sh’Tak’s voice echoed down the hallway, which was otherwise deserted. Rygo turned around and saw him, along with a trio of other Andorians and a pair of humans. “You ready for your BEATING?!”

“That’s insane, said Sokek. “Didn’t they know campus security would be on them in a heartbeat?” Rygo smiled. “Sokek, this was 2315. They were a little more rough-and-tough back then. I think that was a bit of Admiral Kirk’s cowboy diplomacy rubbing off on the place as his legacy. They didn’t usually expel for a brawl, perhaps as an honoring of some races’ sense of dignity.”

“That’s a bad idea for you, Sh’Tak,” Rygo said back. They were barely twenty meters apart. This was the Arboretum wing, so the windows were open at the time. A branch from a nearby tree stuck in. The cogs in Rygo’s head turned. “We’ll see, won’t we? You’re about to get a lot redder, Lerginas!” Sh’Tak and his posse charged. Rygo ran; not away, but to the wall opposite the window (to his left) He jumped, pushed of it, and grabbed the branch. He swung on it, slamming twin-heeled into one of the humans. He pushed off the human as he fell, toward the group. He grabbed one of the Andorians with his left hand as his inertia carried him past, behind the posse. He landed with the Andorian in a head lock, and used his right leg to pull the Andorian’s out from under him, pushing him straight into the ground. He did a somersault over him as a second Andorian swung at him with what looked like a nasty right hook. He grabbed the punching forearm with his left hand and pulled the Andorian into a full-speed collision with Rygo’s red right fist. It connected squarely at the base of the jaw, and Rygo brought the fist up. A human came at him with a chop-looking move. He grabbed the human’s elbow with his right hand, stomped at the side of the ribs with his right leg, and pulled. This dislocated the human’s right arm. He moved his leg, allowing the human to hurtle at him. He continued his pull with his left, right-elbowing the human in the nose. He then quickly grabbed the human’s left thigh with his left hand and the left side of the ribcage with his right. He threw the human at the other human and two Andorians, who were trying to rush him all at once. Now with a load of unconscious (and rather large) human on them, they went down and were pinned for a few seconds.
Sh’Tak came up with a jab aimed square for Rygo’s abdomen. Rygo deflected it up and to his left, offering the same attack with his right. This was blocked, and Sh’Tak tried to take Rygo’s legs out. Rygo, having none of that, grabbed Sh’Tak’s right arm with his left hand. He felt his left leg slip, and used it to his advantage. He pulled Sh’Tak with him, using his left hand to flip Sh’Tak over him. He thudded onto his back, while Sh’Tak landed on his head with a low crack that left him dazed. The last human was up now, and tried to take advantage of the situation. As he reached the prone Rygo, the red-skinned male hurled a telekinetic bolt at him. This sent the unprepared human flying into the wall behind him. His head hit hard, and he crumpled to the floor, out cold. Rygo jumped to his feet and roundhouse-kicked the Andorians, who’d just gotten out from under the human and were starting to rise. They went back down and stayed there.
Sh’Tak was back up. He charged with a right hook. Rygo grabbed his forearm with his left hand, grabbed Sh’Tak’s throat with his right hand, and took out Sh’Tak’s left leg, forcing Sh’Tak to the ground. “Now,” he said to Sh’Tak, “do you see why this was a bad idea?” Rygo smiled. “You’re lucky; I was in a good mood. Otherwise, that would have hurt more. Cross me again… and it WILL.” He released the Andorian’s throat and hauled him up. “Call a medic for your pals. They might need one.”
…”And then I walked away, to my quarters. After that, Sh’Tak and those other guys decided that they did NOT want to have me as an enemy. Sh’Tak was one of my best friends through our careers. He died, though, commanding a ship in the Battle of Bajor, back in ’74. The others retired.” Rygo swigged down the last of his ale and sat back, smiling at the dozens of faces in the mess hall that had stopped to listen to the story and were now in total shock.
“And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is how rival students were dealt with in the old days. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think it’s time I went to bed.” He rose from the table and walked out of the mess hall, leaving an officer’s table full of startled Bridge crew and a galley full of slightly scared officers.