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05-01-2012, 07:56 PM
After countless failures with the "kill all probes first and then all cube at the same time" method, I can only conclude that it is the wrong tactic. Sure it *can* work inconsistently, but it *rarely* works. Now a million people will respond with "Nuh-uh! We do it in our Private Teams of all Borg fitted Escorts all the time!" I humbly suggest that any heavy DPS private team is going to be successful at any map in the game almost without any other strategy.

The guides could help by saying right up front--if you are in a PUG and no one is coordinating, then you are very likely to fail the mission... a lot. In many cases a PUG is going to be doomed from the start. A bad PUG will have badly fit ships, inexperienced pilots or worse half-experienced trolls, poor comms, poor team composition, and probably no awareness of required roles. Write a guide for that. Good Luck.

Obviously the best answer is get in a good private team either from the Elite STF channel or by joining a solid STF fleet.

We run CSE all the time. We take out each cube one at a time. After each cube we sweep up the mobs. We always get the optional with 5+ minutes to spare. We don't even try too hard at team composition other than no more than 3 cruisers. Use voice comms (Teamspeak/Vent). Listen to the vets about fittings and BOFFs. Follow instructions in team. The only recipe you need for complete STF domination.