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05-01-2012, 09:24 PM
First off, i would like to say that STO is simply the best MMO and what i have listed are not complaints or demands but simply suggestions.

I would like to see ground weapons revamped into something more detailed and conventional looking, think mass effect.

Shrink some rifles that look too big in the hands of female avatars.

Show rifles and guns in their holstered position.

Make ground weapons use ammo so players would need to reload, i imagine it to achieve similar effect to remodulation during borg fights.

Make tradable weapon attachments, such as gun barrels, scopes, sword hilts and give them +1 etc.

Add more skin options for avatars so that not all people look alike.

New loading screen that make the transition from space to ground look less abrupt, for example a prerendered video/picture of the transporter room would probably do well in bridging the transition.

Provide voice over for our main characters, so we can hear them exclaim when they take damage, jump or hear them issue commands to BOs etc, but what i would most like to hear is, whenever i start a mission, my character would say the iconic, " captain's log, stardate..."

Finally, I would like faction war be implemented across sector space.