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05-01-2012, 09:11 PM
Originally Posted by stonewolf393
the way i am going to run my carrier(which is almost the same as my vo'quv) will be both engineer and sci teams III(no tac team..what's the point?) ESIII and feedback(no polarity sadly since i need that eng slot for dampeners due to no ltcom tac) and of course all the tanky sci/engineer skills.

But the question is the lieutenant tac officer.... what's the point? best 2nd slot buff i can see would be beam fire at will I and attack pattern delta.

I am also rather new, so what would be good consoles to put on the ship? on my vo'quv i just have the sci slots with shield emitter enhancers and such.
You use Tac Team to reface your shields where they are taking the most damage. Since a carrier's turn rate can be timed with a sundial, this is a pretty nice skill to have, especially when tanking. I could see not using it in a support role.