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Theres a potentially big problem with the carrier pets on tribble, while all the green quality pets fed side are bound when bought the same isnt true of the KDF pets, this has the potential of letting KDF pets being used on the Cat Carrier, peopel are already commenting on this on Holodeck and buying the KDF pets on KDF alts and mailing them to their Fed characters with the hope that they will be able to use them once the carrier launches.

As the Fed carrier isnt available yet we cant be sure if the KDF pets will work with it but if they do this is somthing that needs sorting before the patch rolls out to Holodeck as im sure as hell that i dont want to see Fed ships launching KDF pets.

The KDF pets that can be mailed are: To'Duj Fighters, Shield repair Shuttles, Power Siphon Drones and Orion Slavers.