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05-01-2012, 11:51 PM
My all time favorite Foundry Mission so far has got to be "The Spirits of Ramok Nor".
I'm into Star Trek for the emotion. The emotion of people who put their lives on the line for planets they've never set foot on, for people they've never met. This grand future of the Federation where humanity is a wondrous force (most of the time).
So anything that explores those feelings, those emotions, deep character plots, is wonderful for me. The whole reason DS9 is one of my favorite of the series is because it had some very moving, very emotional episodes that got you thinking about the thoughts of another person, their hopes and dreams, the reasons they did what they did. No one in that show was ever totally bad, not even Gul Dukat, and it was great to see the show explain to you why.

Spirits of Ramok Nor is as good as some of DS9's best episodes, and it feels like one of them too. It explores the occupation and the wellspring of emotion and feeling behind it, and it does so in a fashion very reminiscent of the best writing of Star Trek.