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05-02-2012, 02:15 AM
I think 50 % resists may still be too high. I would consider either this:

1) The skill should directly counter the contribution of the buffing science skill, e.g. apply the reverse effect. If you have +50 in a resist skill, and a +50 in the buffing skill, the net result is that no buff or penalty is applied.
But his may not be technically feasible due the way the modifiers are applied.

2) Stay with the 50 % resists, but increase the magnitude of science skills as well. If we'd boost offensie science BO skills by 50 % across the board, 50 % resists would mean 75 % effectiveness compared to now.

If all of that magnitude buff comes via skills, the cost are also similar. It has the advantage of particularly damaging science powers becoming stronger in PvE, and I think Science BO powers are still a rather ineffective class in PvP.
If the PvE concern is that this makes science too effective, consider adding resist abilities to NPCs. (It would be generally a good idea if some of their hit points would be scaled down in favor of resists.)

Originally Posted by MightionNY View Post
This is going to be an issue for Odyssey pilots; simply because of the crew issues - it's a 2500 person crew that can lose 20 percent from an attack that doesn't even damage the hull. Crew death/injuries appear to still being calculated as a percentage instead of flat numbers; which nullifies the benefits to having a high crew value.

I mean, it's strange to have my Odyssey with a half dead crew when my hull didn't even dip below 90 percent in the process.
Well, maybe they'll finally get around to fixing the crew mechanic. Though honestly, I'd just ditch the entire mechanic. It affects so few abilities that it seems like a superflous statistic.