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05-02-2012, 03:11 AM
Originally Posted by feistyfawn View Post
These two guys on the right side let a probe went accros de gate and we failed the optionnals. Even though it was a nice STF with nice people. It seems these two guys were new without much dps and it was hard for them to kill probes...
I ran a pre-made team on a private queue the other day to introduce fresh cadets to STF teamwork. In the heat of battle a probe guardian accidentally let through one probe due to an unfortunate network problem on his end.

Not a single one of us flamed him for screwing up the optional because: -

1) Who cares about the optional? It doesn't give any desirable loot, it doesn't get me Borg tech, it's OPTIONAL. Even if there's a prototype salvage in it, only one person would get it.

2) Mutual respect. That chap there valiantly flew his AE in an unfamiliar role and a stressful time sensitive environment. That chap there also accepted a team role voluntarily and followed tactical directions given by stranger living 6,000 miles away from him. I reward players for effort. And seriously, berating a player for just failing an optional? The primary objective of winning the darn map itself is more important.

3) Crap happens. It is unnecessary to launch personal attacks when it's obviously not the player's fault that the probe went through.

4) Since I am the tactical director of the map I can use my initiative to reward the team members out of pocket for whatever useless loot that could have been randomly generated by the optional. 99% of the time it's some useless armor or weapon I don't need and can only sell for a small sum on the Exchange.

5) It's teamwork that's important. People need time to get familiar with wingmen, mission conditions, know what can go wrong for future reference. THE TEAM can always meet up for another run on another map and hit the optional for the other one. We all grind hundreds of STFs per year.