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# 3058 Intelligent Bridge Officers
05-02-2012, 06:31 AM
I would also love to see a bit more "intelligence" from the bridge officers on away missions. Right now, only the captain can complete objectives. (In the TV shows, the captain was often discouraged from even going on away missions because he was needed on his ship, but implementing that would change a lot of game play.) I'm an engineering captain, but how come my tactical BOs can't go fulfill the optional Tactical objectives? BOs simply run around shooting stuff and telling you things. Why can't they automatically attempt to fulfill mission objectives when the coast is clear? The player (captain) could then assume the role of protecting his crew as they try to figure stuff out, just like it really happens on Trek. For instance, the second Cardassian episode with Franklin Drake where you end up on a holodeck... how come my medical/science officer couldn't administer the antidote to the messed up Starfleet officers after they were stunned?

Implementing an intelligent BO system would challenge the player to choose their away teams more carefully, making sure they had the right officers, not just to protect the captain, but also for the success of the mission.