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05-02-2012, 06:40 AM
Ok, I searched the Klingon Fleetyards a bit harder and found a build thread for Kar'fis. Even tho my Fed sci is only level 10 as of this post, I'm already getting her boff abilities outta the way.
I think I'm gonna run a drain build on this baby with the following build:
x6 tetyron beam array
2/3 "traditional" borg peices*
MACO shield
Scorpion fighters, Subspace field modulator, weapons batteries, (Aux batteries?)
x1 Neutronium, x1 Electroceramic (for STFs at least)
Borg console, Field Generator, x2 Flow capacitor
x2 Tetryon boosting consoles
Boff skills(from a combo of the build as well as fleetmate advice):
TSS; (forgot other 2 skills)
TT1; TT2
Power Siphon Drones; Catian Fighters
I will update this post to fill in the gaps ASAP.
*Now I'm told the Borg deflector is pretty decent with sci abilities, but I'm wondering if there is a deflector better suited for drain abilities? I could easily swap out the Borg deflector in this build for something more sci orientated as the shield proc isn't really unnecessary with several shield healing abilities. Also note, that this part is mostly sentimental as obviously tetryon glider is better suited for this build than 2 random healing procs.