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05-02-2012, 08:23 AM
Originally Posted by siskofan1991
I agree. I sucked it up and spent like 150k dilithium and got 500 c points to buy 2 character slots just so I can have a Fed sci toon that will fly this new ship (5th c store purchase, finally got forum posting rights! ), and I've been browsing the Klingon Fleetyards, but carrier build threads are nowhere near as meaty as say the escort build thread here in the Fed shipyards. I'm also looking at a sci capt spec, and I'm thinking of maxing out all the Sci space skills save power insulators and the 2 VA sci skills, all 3 of which i consider useless.
I also bought power siphon drones off the exchange. I'm sure hop the new carrier can use them.
They are patching/fixing the siphone drones now that the Federation might be able to use them. I'm happy about that but ****ed off as well. I wanted to do exactly what the KDF have been doing in PVP to ruin it for us Federation players. Oh well, no revenge this time...

Anyway, Siphone Drones won't be as awful as they were recently. Which is a good thing.