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05-02-2012, 09:23 AM
Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
Low turn rate, lots of science rate, and the science resist problematic (may be sufficiently adressed by now, may not be) - I'd say go with a Healer Build.

As a starting point, adjust to taste and based on actual gameplay experience:
  • 2 x Transfer Shield Strength 3
  • 2 x Hazard Emitters 2
  • 2 x Science Team (okay, not convinced on this one, maybe a mix of ST and Tractor Beam instead?)
  • 1 x Feedback Pulse 3, Scramble Sensors 3 or Charged Particle Burst 3
  • 1 x Emergency Power to Shields 1
  • 1 x Emergency Power to Shields 2
  • 1 x Extend Shield 2 (Team Play, PvP) or 1 x Reverse Shield Polarity 2 (Self-Defense, Solo Play)
  • 1 x Tactical Team 1
  • 1 x Attack Pattern Delta 1 or 1 x Beam Fire At Will / Cannon Rapid Fire (depending on weapon selection)
I would agree with this build. Keeping almost everything else the same, my Sci layout is:

ST1, HE2, TSS3, FBP3

This allows me to share boffs with my MVAE, which also uses PSW2 as a close-combat attack when shields fall or when I need to thwack something off of me. I'd imagine for the Kitty Hawk the PSW2 can be launched against other ships and small craft that get too close.

Also, I find that when I pop APA and I'm flying anything but an escort, I instantly aggro every single player in the arena. Something about being assumed to be a squishy noob. So I'll have FBP3 ready for that purpose.

Now if only they fixed MES. I'd love to make this ship disappear, then pounce on some unsuspecting Klink...