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05-02-2012, 10:01 AM
The funny thing is I just finished a KA ground PUG with half the team being first timers.

When I said the usual greetings they replied it's their first time, so I put on my 21st century dress and asked them to stick with me so they didn't get lost.

A Klingon lady and her Orion consort volunteered to take point and I led the two Federation officers behind them. Everything was accomplished without a word, with me giving tactical updates and directions occasionally to the two cadets.

They stuck to me like glue and sure enough, being in a distinctive civilian dress worked like a charm for them as I made a point to stand near critical passageways so the team could use me as a mobile waypoint.

We demolished Borg devices like pros and the chat was quiet except for me calling out instructions for the girl manning the shield control room. She waited for my ready cue before dropping shields and the team surprisingly barely missed the optional by only 5 seconds despite being half manned by first timers!

I got them all to the STFRecruits channel where we will be doing a full 5 man task force this weekend. STFRecruits will also be starting its own fleet comprised solely of like minded cadets who are strong on teamwork and have a strong interest in keeping ESTFs both accessible and drama free.

Everyone wants success, that's a fact I leverage upon when I lead PUGs to victory. A nice good morning never fails to break the ice, and greeting them first of all is a polite way to see if anyone wishes my assistance for tactical direction.

We can run like a SAS team storming enemy strongholds with coordinated fire and clearance maneuvers, or if the team wants to run silent and run deep I will take the initiative to fly and fight on their wing to ensure team success.

If the team is comprised of newer pilots or operatives, I let them take control of the situation while veteran players watch their back and provide effective support. I don't lead from the front for the sole reason, the new guys need to be confident and they need to know that in the company of veteran pilots and combat instructors they can rely on effective wingman and healing support at all times.

This concept of mutual support I believe, does not require a fleet for existence, it being a basic mental competency to look out for thy fellow soldier, and the sole reason why I prefer to play with PUGs is that it's a dynamic environment where innovation and creative collaboration is something very rewarding and has to be setup with care and I daresay, some love for putting the team's objective before one's own expectations.

The best reward for a cadet sometimes is not a flawless optional run, but knowledge of new tactics and new opportunities to run a second STF with the existing team. After all, we were newbies once and young

Aside from the above KA run we also did a full set of 3 space STFs with a partial PUG queue later and likewise it was fun with all 3 sessions involving effective public communications. One of the assault cruisers noticed I was riding shotgun on his wing in tight formation throughout Cure and sent an extend shields 3 my way and we used NCW style tactics to basically kick *** in record time.