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05-02-2012, 01:36 PM
Originally Posted by Teleon View Post
When the Andorian Escort is released, is the day I build an all Andorian Bridge Crew, with all Andorian Duty Officers. Now, I will be seriously ticked-off if the Andorian Vessel doesn’t come with all blue Beam particle weapons. It just won’t feel right to use Tetryon or Retrofit phasers.

Yep, I love theme ships. I have my Vulcan Ship and I might as well build a Catian Character now as well.
Well, that is quite ambitious. Getting all Andorian crew isn't all that easy, if you want a bit efficiency, too.
Plasma beams maybe the "correct" weapons choice. Plasma= superheated ions. One could see that as particles... Colour isn't 100% correct, but then again polaron weapons are purple in STO while they should be light blue.