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05-02-2012, 01:32 PM
I know it's not an STF, but I have a mirror universe event story

I am trying to level up 2 of my other toons, like most ppl I play the mirror universe events whenever I can. I was playing my FED eng character, who is lvl 14. So I am playing in the lowest tier of players eligible for this mission.

1 player was really trying to go for the option. I may be wrong, but I have played this event hundreds of times and have only gotten the option on a handful. As far as I can remember it doesn't give you any extra loot and only prevents extra ships from spawning from the repair docks when the Stadi emerges. Since the point of this mission is to kill as many ships as possible to get extra XP I don't know why people bother with the option, unless I am wrong and someone could enlighten me. :p

Anyways 1 player was uploading the virus to the sat's, he didn't communicate what he was doing. Just getting mad because he was pulling all the battle groups towards himself and moving onto the next sat w/o destroying the incoming group. Obviously the option fails mainly due to his own actions. This guy starts flaming like I have never seen before. With his caps lock always engaged he told us how everyone in the group was a noob and how he is so sick of all the idiots like us in the game. I thought he was jk, but he kept going on and on. He went on to tell us that we should all just quit now because none of us will ever be able to understand how to play the game. At the end of the mission he informed us that he took down all of our names and was reporting us all because of our poor game play.

I'm still not certain if he was a troll or just a teenager with major emotional issues, It was a little bit on the humorous side. The only reason he didn't go on my ignore list was because I wanted to see what his next crazy rant would be. So fair warning, lookout when this guy makes it to STF lvl because I am sure he will be responsible for a few more stories in this thread.