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# 1 Broken Wings of Pegasus
05-02-2012, 01:44 PM
My first mission!
It is currently under the "unrated" missions dialog, so you have to become a reviewer to find it.
FED, Level 16+. But I recommend Captain or above, some dialog may sound a little arkward if you are just a Lt. Cmdr.

A starbase going silent will lead you to the dark secrets of the Pegasus project.

A little teaser:

I invested about 60 hours of work to convert one of my stories I wrote over 12 years ago into a foundry mission.
Play time is about 1 hour. Lots of text to read, but you can skip most of it.
Includes multiple quite easy space fights and some rather difficult ground fights, against romulans and remans, of course.

If you happen to find any typos, arkward sentences, bugs or any major plot holes I overlooked, please post it here.
I designed the mission for single player, it would be nice if somebody could test it as a team.
Also, I included a text popup at the end of the mission for background info, please tell me if it interferes with the rating dialog window.

Have fun!
And tell me what you like / do not like about the mission.

P.S: Errors I found but could not eliminate:
- Bad wayfinding of team members. They seem to get stuck everywhere!
- NPC Ships just "appear" instead of warping in. If I set the idle to "warp in" they loop the animation. Terrible.
- Teleports when using a door. Is there any way to change map transition animations?
- USS Pegasus has the wrong registry number. It's not customizeable in the costumes dialog.
- Some interactive objects (satellites, asteroids) are just called "object", no matter what name I gave them.
- Reach marker radius is a lot bigger on the minimap than I set them in the level. Hard to find the correct "spot".

Many thanks to kirkfat. Without his youtube foundry tutorial videos, this would not be possible.