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05-02-2012, 10:07 PM
Well lets see.


Nebula model. In case you can't tell, the saucer does not reach the stardrive section. I thought the ST: Legacy was a good model.

Fix auto-fire AI: Ground melee AI is dumb. It tries to melee when I first select a target. It's broken, my captain will sit there meleeing, with the enemy 50m away, instead of going 'oh, wait, it's too far away'

No skill cap: I'm a Starfleet Admiral, why can't I max my skills out? I'm already limited in what I can do.


Torpedoes made more damage / effect competitive with beams? I can do ~500 dps with one beam at weapon preset. Torps should do more damage than beams, right?

Universal Career Option: This kinda annoyed me. All I had was the short descriptions. I hadn't played the game a single minute and the first question was 'Stick your ST character in to one of these nice boxes that we've made' If necessary, I could see this being Foundry-only.