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For some reason STO has always been too dark on 100% brightness (in-game setting) even though everything else looks fine on my computer, so I've had it at 130% brightness for months now. Whenever I would play, even if I minimized STO (I play in maximized windowed mode) everything else, whether it was another program, my browser, or even my desktop would be correspondingly brighter but it would always go back to my default brightness when I exited STO.

Today for some reason the brightness hasn't gone back to normal after exiting STO. Everything's as bright as it is when I have the game running. If I log onto STO, turn the brightness up or down and then exit, everything still matches whatever brightness I set STO to. How can I get the brightness to go back to normal after exiting the game? Better yet, is there a way to get my in-game brightness to stop affecting everything else while STO is running?

I have Windows Vista 64 bit & a Radeon HD 4850 card. I rebooted after the problem began and immediately got new graphics drivers, but the problem persists. I've also checked the brightness & contrast settings in Catalyst Control Center & they're at normal (0 & 100 respectively).