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# 1 Operation Delta Sierra Niner
05-03-2012, 01:52 AM
Greetings all, my name is phoenix and I'm just here for a bit of shameless promotion. I have just started to mess around in the foundry and found my self sucked into a world where I was god lol. finally I could tell a story the way I wanted....Mostly

so I would be Humbled and Honored if some of you guys would review and play my mission's.

Pt1 is meant to be short, it was a test to see what I was able to do, and in full reference to Star Trek, Pt1 acts as the part of the episode just before the intro credits,

Pt1 - Fly to the Elwing system in Cardassian space to investigate strange readings.

Pt2 - in the words of DR WHO - SPOLIERS!!

the mission titles are

operation delta sierra niner pt1
operation delta sierra niner pt2

authored by me Phoenix-bondi

now if there is away around how i've started part 2 please tell me, as I have had to still use the Elwing system as a door for pt 2. since the system i wanted was not on the foundry as a door

Opinions and comments please let me know
Many thanks