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05-03-2012, 08:26 AM
Originally Posted by sophlogimo
Well, the latin alphabet seems to be the Federation Standard alphabet, so I guess it is normal to write the name on a Federation Starship that way. Besides, I don't see the Caitians having other vocal cords as other Precursor-sired species?
True, but I suppose that the question is whether these ships are Starfleet, like the way ships built in different cities still belong to the same navy, or are these ships member state ships like NATO? The latter seems more logical as Starfleet ships are made by other races like the Andorians [not sure whether that's hard canon or soft] but are standard SF designs while the Vulcan Vessel or the Caitan carrier seem very much race unique.

The vocal cord comment was really just a jab at the fact that these things have quite obvious cat heads, but speak perfect English and also a nod to Spock, who once said his first name was unpronounceable.

But I think you have a good point there about ship names in general. The long standing convention in Trek fiction has generally given race appropriate, but very much human translated, names to Klingon and Romulan ships. There is no reason you couldn't do the same with the Caitans.

The trick I would suspect is to capture from the lore the essential nature of what the Caitans are about.