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05-03-2012, 09:25 AM
Originally Posted by cliftona91
Carmenara, your "battlestar" cannons cruiser build gave me several ideas today:

1) First grand idea was a Build for my Recon Science Vessel to make it competent again after weeks of being mothballed. Nearly blew my entire EC stores to do it. 2 Tetryon Cannons, Tetryon Dual Beam Bank and Tetryon Turrets with required consoles and the works. Worked out alright, though I'm at a loss on whether to put Scatter Volley or Rapid Fire on it.

2) I went to my somewhat neglected Starfleet Engineer and took his Excelsior's phaser beams offline to put in some new cannons (retrain my tac boff in Cannon Scatter Volley. Her first real test came in a Distress Call right outside of the Sol System. She took down several Borg Spheres and probes and survived a severe pounding from a couple of cubes...and this is a tier 3 Excelsior. Can't wait to see what he can do in STF's
I've been using single cannons/turrets or single cannons/BA setups for a while. Unles youre planning on spending your time doing buckshotting the whole time with those cannons, I'd suggest rapid fire. Sometimes Scatter Volley backfires when you end up agroing something you didnt want to. You can always put one beam array on the ship and use faw when you have to (to shoot down heavy torps, or an AOE attack).