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05-03-2012, 10:04 AM
Since this thread has been re-ignited, I'll give the politically-correct answer that there are MANY Foundry missions which count as my favorite.

One mission which gets overlooked, imho, is "Evangeline" by Etherghost.

I LOVE this mission!

I didn't play "Evangeline" until after I crafted my first Foundry mission. Interestingly, our styles are somewhat similar. Story-driven, dialog-infused Trek goodness about characters, their situations, overcoming difficulty and adversity in a scenario where NO other friendly starships are going to warp in and help save you.

The mission design is stellar.

More information:

Like most Foundry authors, I'd like to think my missions will eventually get more gameplay and better recognition. I hope missions, like "Evangeline", are enjoyed for a long, long time, too.