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05-03-2012, 02:33 PM
Originally Posted by Teleon View Post
Ditto, I actually do not even try and use RSP as a last resort.

Instead, I use it proactively during the engagement while my shields are already at or mostly fully powered. That way, when someone mistakenly thinks Iím in trouble and sub-nukes RSP, I can start using my regular shield heals like EPTS, TT and etc.

As it is now, I run two copies of RSP II. I can use it once every minute. I then have two copies of EPTS and TT to use once the RSP is on cool-down. I also run a copy of Attack Pattern Delta, for extra resistance in-between use of ďBrace for ImpactĒ. I love tanking in my Dreadnaught Cruiser! And having the ability to run away and cloak if Iím really in trouble is awesome. I think it really makes those Bird of Prey people angry when the get a small taste of how frustrating it is when a target gets away because of cloak.
Is it just me or has RSP been nerfed in the latest patch? a LOT of abilities seem to interfere with it now.