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05-03-2012, 01:33 PM
Originally Posted by Daya View Post
...Also on the power levels calculator, would be really neat if you could include how many shield modifiing consoles people have on their ships. You know the ones for more shield capacity and more shield regen. ..just saying..
This was a comment to me from another thread on another topic, but I wanted to answer it here:

The chief purpose of the Ship Power Calculator is to calculate ship's power levels based mainly on skills and "gear". I made it at first for myself because skill effects were nebulous (moreso back in the day), and it was costly to respec. I wanted to know where my XP were going. Once I got it all working, I put it up for others, and I'm honored/proud of the response.

That being said, the Power Calc is not meant to be a full "virtual ship". It's just about power (ok... mostly).

Regen is affected by power. It is not visible in the UI (at least not a dynamically accurate display), and requires a "magic formula" to calculate. Long ago there were threads/discussions about shield power/regeneration, including various Dev posts showing the formulas for the basic regen rate. I added it more as a lark. Adding regen consoles? It's been requested before (I even said then, that I'd add it). The problem is that their effects are based on more "Cryptic magic", and I don't know the forumla. I'm none too keen to test/figure it out for myself - again - I actually did some testing with them before (see post 55 in this thread), but my results were inconclusive.

Provide me with a workable formula and I'll see if I can add it in.

As for the capacity consoles... First, power doesn't affect capacity. And, afaik, those cap consoles are straight forward additive. If it's +20%, you get 20% more cap. Easy math is easy. Doesn't need a calculator. I could throw those fields in and add 'em together for you... I suppose, if there was enough "demand" for it...