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05-03-2012, 04:55 PM
This would be a very nice feature as well - I've always been partial to the Intrepid-class from an aesthetics standpoint, yet prefer the Odyssey's BOff stations / weapon slots. I know of a few people who have grown attached to particular classes, yet are forced to upgrade to other classes just to stay competitive (player skills can only help one so much).

Of course, there are naysayers in the community who consider such notions as overpowered.

The way I see it, there are three different ways this could be achieved:
  • The first one could involve purchasable, permanent holoemitter "disguises" that make your ship appear to be of the desired class, but retain the exact same name and stats as what you actually fly. This could make for some interesting operational feints for confusing PvP opponents, although break immersion from an RP perspective.

  • The second one could involve C-store or dilithium purchases to reconfigure the BOff stations / weapon slots up to a total maximum of 12 BOff powers / 4 fore and 4 aft respectively.

    Using the vanilla Intrepid-class as an example, it has the following BOff stations:
    Lt Tac (2) - Lt Eng (2) - Cmdr Sci (4) - Lt Sci (2)
    After selling / buying BOff stations, the new layout becomes:
    Cmdr Tac (4) - Lt Tac (2) - Lt Cmdr Eng (3) - Lt Cmdr Sci (3)
    Note that there is no option to increase the hull strength or crew count - the Intrepid class can only be so big and hold so many people. This should mitigate the concerns some players may have of overpowered lower-tiered ships.

  • The final method involves simply releasing for each ship retrofits geared for different career paths.

    For instance, the Intrepid current has the Bellerophon retrofit version, which is geared towards Science players. Cryptic could in theory offer Intrepid Tactical and Intrepid Engineering retrofit as well, via the C-store (although this may be seen by many in the STO community as yet another cash grab)