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Greetings and Salutations;

I am known as Soleta, of 12th Fleet's Section 31 Division;

I'm a Silver player and although I've only been playing the game for about four (4) month's and in that time I've met some very Impressive and Important people! I'm enjoying the People involved in the foundry more than the game itself. I have yet to complete a faction feature episode :-), anyway over the last few weeks I've begun to see many of our visions and collaborations within the foundry community originating from these chance meetings become reality.
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I would like to propose discussion on a Foundry rating System, I have taken much of what I've learned in my journey's through foundry missions and the forum's and would like your thoughts on the following.

The Cryptic Star rating System would split into two (2) levels of a three (3) star rating system. This is due to a growing void in the current star rating system to give a valid foundation to new Foundry authors when compared and measured against Experienced Founders. In this rating system an experienced Founder should never get a rating below Three (3), unless the work was totally below experienced community expectations. and a new beginning Founder would get a fair rating of Two (2), Unless the work was totally above average beginner or experimental level work. In this system if a beginner rates a 5 Star with their mission they will gain and deserve community celebrity status of "Accolade - Ascended". In this same system if a veteran rates a 2 Star with their mission they will gain and deserve community "Outcast" status, until they redeem themselves to a Four (4) star status or better, and maintain this level with their next two (2) or three (3) missions.

3 Stars is the middle ground it is an average rating for Level Two and above average for level one. Three missions at this rating for a 4 or 5 star rating Founder constitutes a falling from grace ("Accolade - Descended"). While three missions at this rating for a 1 or 2 star rating Apprentice constitutes a level 2 rating ("Accolade - Ascended").

Level One (Apprentice):
Rating system for Beginners, Average Founders and Daily missions (I like to leave room for growth)
No Star = Didn't Rate the story needs develop work, Only published to Flesh-out the story in real play.
1 Star = Good Effort: Needs work, Author needs to spend more time on Writing Techniques and/or Foundry Skills.
2 Stars = Very Good: well done could use more Depth of story and/or Foundry content (Actually 3 Stars for this level of rating)

Level Two (Founder):
Rating system for Experienced and Professional Founders(These Founders have a few published missions, are seriously into the Foundry as the life blood of the game and are working on Epic status).
3 Stars = Average: Was fun and entertaining but nothing Unique from the normal, or not ranking as Epic or Memorable within the STO Foundry Canon.
4 Stars = Excellent: Above average Story and Content, Author has a good storyline and foundry Skills.
5 Stars = Epic: Professional work, a Developer Level mission. Characters of Foundry mission are an important part of the story, and may even transcend the mission to become a memorable and popular figure within the STO Foundry canon.(Actually 3 Stars for this level of rating).

So in this rating System you actually have Six (6) Status's of Foundry Authors.
1 Apprentice (1 & 2 Stars)
2 Outcast (Fallen Founder)
3 Accolade (3 Stars)
3D - (Accolade - Descended)
3A - (Accolade - Ascended)
4 Founder (4 & 5 Stars)

NOTE 1: In this rating system only a Accolade or Founder, meaning only actual Foundry experienced Authors would be able to rate another Accolade or Founder below 3 stars and have it register as a statistic of the Mission/Author. All others will just register as Mission feedback, (If they leave a comment), rather than a Mission review.

NOTE 2: STO Foundry Canon = The growth of Stories and Characters developed by Star trek online Founders that have become memorable and popular within the Star trek Online Community, and has been set as part of the Star Trek online Community Canon.

this Ranking system can even evolve into a new aspect of In-Game Ranking and Title. I'd rather have a "Founder" title in my name in-game than "Diplomat" or Accolade lets people know I'm a Foundry Author.

Everyone should remember the Foundry is still in Beta and we all have a chance to mold it into the tool we want it to become.

Your Thoughts and ideals. Non Foundry authors negative Opinions will be ignored, as unknowledgeable babble.

I have stepped from the Shadows and revealed myself to you:

Solo - The Shadow Hunter
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