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05-03-2012, 09:10 PM
I think the issue on your runs is that your (not you persay but the teams in general) not clearing as you go in the final room. i.e.
  • do your checks for injuries, use your remodualtors and tribble up (if you got one of each class and they all have the IDIC tribble use it, makes it a tab faster to kill them and survive).
  • Start at the bottom of the ramp ( the flat square as to not aggro the group in the center).
  • clear the left front corner.
  • clear the right front corner.
  • clear the center (do not aggro the ones in the other corners and on the middle platform at the back yet).
  • set virus on right front node.
  • set virus on left front node.
  • set virus and kill drones on next 3 platforms as you go.
  • spread out.
  • if you have sci's with the tachyon harmonic get them alternate on it to kill her sheilds, debuff her and fire all you got.
  • profit.

Thats gen the tactic I use in all my IGE runs, she, we clear out the room within minutes.