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05-03-2012, 10:55 PM
usually i do the IGE like that... but since 4or5 days ?! the drones seem to be aggro for no reason.. i mean i stand at generator 2 ( left side ) and i get shot by a drone from thh opposite ... ive no threatcontrol but sometimes it seems the drones get uber aggro

also i have to say it really feels that they spawn quicker than before.. really weird especially when we were shooting rebecca and then get flanked by a ****drone :/

well something similar goes for armek.. sometimes/usually we get him down within 7-14 seconds...

but for soem weird reason he was 1 hitting the entire team on some matches... we were all wearing maco set and IDIC buffs ...and then he airstriked 4 of us... at teh next try 3 of us got airtriked and at the 4 try i atleast decided to attack him from far away with my sniper ... as scientist .. so i was able to heal my team .. until he spawned thh cover shields...

its nice having a challenge but to be honest it is sometimes depressing when armek is just godlike...or the drones at IGE respawn to quick

it really seems to be randomly because i had the same teams and it was 1 time extreemly hard and the other time it was extremly easy..

oh an then even with optionals we didnt get any TECH ...that atleast need to be changed...a 80% dropchance of tech when completet the optional would be nice ...

and a 75% dropchance on success without optional.. really... it annoying to not get the tech after a nice match.. its like we did al for nothing...