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05-03-2012, 10:08 PM
Originally Posted by Tyranthraxis
The person that is supposed to be doing probes replies, "My ship isn't good at killing probes". I'm like blown away....needless to say, we managed to fail the optional(though with time I think we woulda been close to failing too probably), and by the time donatra spawns, we start fighting her, I'm tanking her, and noticing her life isn't dropping really....and as we fly around for a good 10 minutes, people just start disappearing. Overall, when I finally quit because I was the last 1 left, I think I was in that mission about an hour as my q was cd'd
In my opinion, it happens too much often. There is too much player who give up when it's time to fight Donatra. When 2 or 3 players leave after 10 minutes fighting with Donatra. I don't think it's because their mom asked them go to bed.