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05-04-2012, 12:49 AM
Originally Posted by xth3xr34p3rx View Post
I think the issue on your runs is that your (not you persay but the teams in general) not clearing as you go in the final room. i.e.
  • do your checks for injuries, use your remodualtors and tribble up (if you got one of each class and they all have the IDIC tribble use it, makes it a tab faster to kill them and survive).
  • Start at the bottom of the ramp ( the flat square as to not aggro the group in the center).
  • clear the left front corner.
  • clear the right front corner.
  • clear the center (do not aggro the ones in the other corners and on the middle platform at the back yet).
  • set virus on right front node.
  • set virus on left front node.
  • set virus and kill drones on next 3 platforms as you go.
  • spread out.
  • if you have sci's with the tachyon harmonic get them alternate on it to kill her sheilds, debuff her and fire all you got.
  • profit.

Thats gen the tactic I use in all my IGE runs, she, we clear out the room within minutes.
That's the tried and true method. But, lately I've seen it fall apart more often than not.