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05-04-2012, 02:54 AM
Originally Posted by Anshrr
I need advice on this ship. I have 3 sets, the Aegis, the Breen and the newest one from the last FE.
Any tips on which set is better on the Atrox? I'm using the Aegis atm cause it feels like I take less of a beating, however, I rarely use my powers in solomissions. Thinking maybe it's overkill?
Nothing overkill about Aegis - it is a highly potent defensive shield set that I use to tank like a boss in ESTFs. Yes, some (such as PvPers) say MACO is better but Aegis is cheaply available on the Exchange and works great for me.

I like the big bonus to shield power and the immense structural integrity boost from Aegis deflectors too.

The Jem'Hadar set is more tuned for fast attack ships with Polaron weapons but I've seen Odysseys use that sometimes for some reason.

The Breen Supercooled set looks speced out for a science ship but I have not used that before. It the deflector of the Breen set gives a boost to graviton or particle generators it may be beneficial to your carrier's science abilities (but this also depends on which sci boff skills you like to use in the first place.)

End of the day, if the ship doesn't explode randomly, your shields work just fine