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05-04-2012, 04:01 AM
Originally Posted by grylak
Oh yeah, that probably explains why the DarkFyre was getting beaten up so much more. I'm up at RAUH level, instead of Commander. So when I replay missions, those fights are also scaled up to match my rank level, regardless of what ship I'm in?
The trick to prevent overpowered enemies from being generated is to make the lower level player be the team leader and the admiral in the team matches "downwards". Set difficulty to advanced or elite to compensate for your more powerful gear.

Getting the lowbie to match up to VA simply doesn't work when said lowbie gets one shotted with impunity.

For added security, get the lowest level player to go into the mission first. Its not pretty when a bunch of level 38s (for example) meet level 50 Galors in a mission just because the VA Defiant Retrofit pilot decided to enter the mission area first without waiting for the rest.

If you're commanding a mixed bunch of ships with varied levels, such as 19, 24, 35 and 40, match the guy in the middle (the 24) for easier battle management. Oh and run it on elite, cos the 35 and 40 will be OP against lv 24 enemies.