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05-04-2012, 07:37 AM
Originally Posted by MJayMor View Post

Even though it would be a peace treaty between the factions just like the series it would be a love hate relationship or a cold war status. Any current missions that involve attacking the other faction would still be playable due to the now cold war status, but a peace treaty would also open the other factions missions to be playable by both factions. Some adjusting to the missions and exceptions would need to be made.
Here in lies the issue.
The adjustment to the existing Fed only missions to allow us KDF the ablity to play them would mean many of those missions would need a complete rewrite just for the KDF toon perspective.

If such measures are to be taken to make said change, then such measures could just as easily develop new mission exclusively for the KDF faction and solve the whole issue to a better satisfaction of the KDF fan.

Why take the effort to rewrite the dialouge and portions of 20-30 missions to fit the KDF player intot he event than just create 2-30 simple missions for the KDF over a period of time till the faction is complete and can be left, finally, to just be enjoyed with storyline to match?