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05-04-2012, 08:51 AM
Originally Posted by DemonW0lf View Post
What should I change in my... SNIP
I also fly a Dreadnaught. Id be curious to know what your Bridge Officer Ability layout looks like. It is also important to know if your Captain went for a Science, Engineering or Tactical Career. It makes a Big Difference in this Ship in my own opinion.

As far as the equipment you have already, Id move the EPS Flow Regulator into your inventory, and then move the assimilated module there in its place. In the now open Science Slot, put a Field Generator for a +18% to your overall shield capacity. This is all assuming you went with the Engineer Captain who gets Nadion Inversion and EPS power Transfer to help with power consumption issues. If not, leave the Flow Regulator as it will help in overall DPS.

Looking at your skill tree I can see you went with a Tactical Captain. Id remove all points in Starship Threat Control. It is a waste in my opinion. Just remember, youre in a Cruiser! Id re-do the Skill Tree to reflect the fact that you want to be able to soak a lot of damage up! Id also invest at least three points in defense against power draining abilities. Maybe someone else will help you with the Skill setup.

As for my personal Bridge Officer layout, Ill share it with you below: My build is more for tanking and dealing damage over time. I also have a nice FAW build that is viable in a beam boat. However, the below is my preferred play style.

Tactical Lieutenant: Tactical Team I, Attack Pattern Delta or Attack Pattern Beta
Tactical Ensign: Tactical Team I

Commander Engineer: Emergency power to shields I, Auxiliary to Structural integrity field I, Reverse Shield Polarity II, Direct Energy Modulation III

Lieutenant Commander Engineer: Emergency power to shields I, extend Shields I, Reverse Shield Polarity II

Science Lieutenant: Transfer Shield Strength I, Hazard Emitters II