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05-04-2012, 10:25 AM
Unfortunately, most of the Federation who hop into the FvK queues are greenhorn rookies who flee in terror at the first sight of actual resistance. They die three or four times, get ****ed, throw their keyboard across the room and ragequit the map. I'm trying to rally some of the better Federation players from the FvF queues to get into the FvK queues too, as I also want my accolades.

However, the same holds true. There needs to be more Klingons (good or bad) in the ground queues too. This is the exact reason I quit PvP on my Orion; Ground PvP goes nowhere on that faction, and when it does, the matches don't start because too few people clicked accept.

Hopefully with all of the ground information Pug01 is pouring out into the forums lately, people will bulk up, learn some skills and tactics and present a challenge to you guys, and even get more Klingons into the game.

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If we're talking about ground PVP, I've never found that. At the moment i'm trying to get my PVP accolades sorted, and that means killing X amount of klinks on the ground, sadly I cant do that as everytime I look at the queues, it's full of feds waiting to fight you, but only 1 or 2 klinks. If the Emplire doesen't bother signing up to fight on the ground then I cant kill or be killed by them.
Hang out around Otha every now and then, or better yet, do a /who Otha and scan for KDF players. It's a slow process and a complete crapshoot, but you might find one or two there every now and then to use as target practice.

But yeah, more KDF to the queues please :V