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Originally Posted by DemonW0lf View Post
Well ideally at the end game I would like to have two setups one for pvp and the other for PvE/Elite but for now I want to focus on the PvE/STF Elite build

Originally Posted by DemonW0lf
Deflector: Assimilated Deflector Array <-- do plan on replacing asap
Engine: Aegis Hyper-Impulse Engines
Shield: M.A.C.O. Resilient Shield Array Mk XII
MACO shield is good.

For all around survivability focus, switch to Borg Engine and Keep your Borg Deflector.

More on Borg gear in a bit.

Originally Posted by DemonW0lf
Engineering Consoles:

Tetraburnium Hull Armor Mk XI
Neutronium Alloy Mk XI
EPS Flow Regulator Mk XI (x2)
You don't need 2x EPS flow Regulators, and as an Engineer you don't really need any.

I'd rid of them, at least one of them should go for sure.

I personally use 3x Neutroniums, and leave the 4th slot to swap various Cstore consoles.

But you can use a mix of Hull Armors if you prefer.

Originally Posted by DemonW0lf
Science Consoles :

Universal - Assimilated Module
Cloaking Device
Get rid of the cloaking device, you don't need it on Elite STFs.

Get a Field Generator (+18% shield capacity) instead.

You can actually stack those, and add 2 of them and move your Borg Console to Engineering if you wanted to.

Originally Posted by DemonW0lf
officer skills:

Lieutenant Tactical Station:
Beam Array: Fire at Will I
Attack Pattern Beta I

Ensign Tactical Station:
Tactical Team I
Tac Looks good.

Originally Posted by DemonW0lf
Commander Engineering Station:
Emergency Power to Weapons I
Emergency Power to Shields II
Emergency Power to Shields III
Eject Warp Plasma III

Lt. Commander Engeering Station:
Engeering Team I
Reverse Shield Polarity I
Emergency Power to Weapons III
I would change your eng slots, here's an option:

Comm Eng: EPTW 1 > Eng Team 2 > EPTS 3 > AuxSIF 3 or Eject Warp Plasma 3
Lt Comm Eng: EPTW 1 > RSP 1 > EPTS 3

This lets you set your initial power settngs to always have specific consistent power levels for weapons and shields, as well as shield regen and shield resistances instead of them constantly alternating between periods of high power and relatively lower power.

Originally Posted by DemonW0lf
Lieutenant Science Station:

Hazard Emitters I
Transfer Shield Strength II
Sci Looks ok.

Something else is your devices.

I would run the following devices:

1 Stack Shield Batters
1 Stack Aux Batteries
1 Subspace Field Modulator (From FE Mission, Devidian Arc)
1 Optional (I have the red matter capacitor)