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05-04-2012, 11:31 AM
Cryptic seems to think they have to build a new map for every mission they make. Map reuse, while not always appropriate, would speed things up considerably.

But I agree that simply retreading dialog for existing Fed missions does not fit a KDF mindset.

I'm also not necessarily keen on declaring peace between the KDF and the UFP. It clearly shouldn't be a formal war, either. Warring empires simply do not put aside hostilities when convenient, as seemingly happens in STO.

What it is, and should be, is a Stand-Off and a sort of limited Cease Fire agreement. Neither side wants to risk a full war with Borg incursions going on, but neither side is inclined to give ground either. Skirmishes are downplayed as 'accidents', 'misunderstandings', and individuals 'exceeding their authority'. Raids are carried out by 'renegade' commanders who are only punished if they got caught at it. Complaints are lodged via the usual diplomatic channels in both directions and usually go nowhere. Constantly testing the resolve of the opposition in every matter of importance and cooperating only when there's something to be gained on both sides.

That's the way I see it.