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05-04-2012, 11:51 AM
One thing I wanted to bring up.. And it was the exclusion of Eject Warp Plasma and Extend Shields.

The reasons for those being unlisted in either the Support, Control, or Damage listings was due to the mobility of the Carrier, and the Focus on the basics of the Carrer it's self. While it can use Eject Warp Plasma 1 and Extend shields 2, it was left out due to the lack of Mobility.

Extend shields 1 and 2 are more useful if you can keep your target with in 7km of you. How ever with the Carrier that can prove to be both dificult if not impossible. And it's better left to more mobile ships.

Eject Warp Plasma, while useful in some areas more of the Control or even Damage areas, gets again hard to deposit where you want it with the Carrier's limited turn rate. And it is better left to a Cruiser.