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05-04-2012, 12:29 PM
the chat system needs a revamp, sure before the fix you got to see everyone who opened a galor right accross the center of your screen in big yellow letters. But when a teammate is asking for help its in like 8pt font at the bottom left of my screen amidst the chaos of weapon fire, explosions, and ability activation graphics.

I for 1 miss the days of sully integrated audio in multiplayer games. Shoot the in game chat and audio for old school shooters (pre steam counter strike, etc) worked 100 times better than any current teamspeak like app now. that was well over 12 years ago tech, it's 2012 can't we have decent team communication?

back in those days you could pug all you wanted because you could easily communicate with each other through voice or chat and everyone on the team could see/hear it and react.

I don't want to have to sign in to a secondary app and try to find the right channel so i can hear what a teammate is saying. I want to be able to start a game, hit a button on my mic and say "can everyone hear me?" and go from there. is that so much to ask?