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05-04-2012, 01:39 PM
Aboard the Prometheus class vessel U.S.S. Trombe, Amuro Ray is looking over the reports from his senior officers of their latest assignment to patrol the core sectors of the Federation. As he looks over these logs he begins to reminisce about his days at the academy. The memory sitting foremost on his mind is the day he took the Kobayashi Maru simulation for the first time...

"Captain, sensors are indicating 3 klingon vessels surrounding the Kobayashi Maru. Signatures match ships of Bird-of-prey configuration."

"Hmm" Amuro said, stroking a goatee he grew as a result of losing a drinking game the previous month "Options, number 1?"

"Well, as long as those birds-of-prey are firing on us or the Kobayashi Maru, transport is out of the question, if we could somehow divert their attention away from us or remove the shields from the equation using some other means, we may be able to attain at least a partial transport." Jelun said.

"Nuzuri, any thoughts?"

"I see where Jelun was going with the shields, but its simply not an option! Miranda class vessels are hopelessly underpowered for current shield extension technology. Hell, our own shields would buckle within minutes if we engaged those ships in a firefight." Nuzuri barked, barely looking up from the conn.

"Damn! Well, we should try diplomacy first, its only right that we play fair. Open a channel-"

The doorbell for Amuro's ready room dings repeatedly, followed by a thump on the door itself.

"Come in."

"Amuro, I've been trying to get a hold of you for half an hour!" Zazhid said, looking worried. "You seem tense, what's wrong?"

"Oh, I just got to thinking about the day we met" Amuro said, with a smile cracking his calm facade.

"That was a beautiful day... How did your first Kobayashi Maru sim end again?" Zazhid asked.

"With all hands lost, taken down by a lucky torpedo shot between the nacelles." Amuro sighed.

"C'mon, cheer up! We both know that day ended far better than that" Zazhid replied with a suggestive smile on her face, brushing her hair to one side.

"Now that's not fair!" Amuro joked "You always come pick me up. When can I get the chance to pick you up for a change?"

There was a slight pause of silence in the room, then Amuro suddenly realised what he had just said, and not surprisingly, began to turn a shade of vibrant red...

"Thats... not how I meant to say that" Amuro blushed.

"Thats ok. We know you have plenty of opportunities for that. Anyway, you're needed on the bridge. We're being re-assigned to DS9 again, something about Omega Force. I tried to get more out of the admiral but he said it was above my clearance." Zazhid said as she wiggled out of the ready room.

"Oh well, back to work..."