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05-04-2012, 01:39 PM
There is a big difference between [Prototype Borg Salvage] and [Prototype Borg (insert type) Tech]. One pays for regular Mk XII gear such as ship weapons, while the other pays for a specific piece of a MACO or Omega Force set. (or Klingon Honor Guard instead of MACO if you're KDF)

Specifically, there are 6 types of Prototype Borg Tech: The space ones: Engine, Deflector, Shield, and the ground ones: PSD, Weapon, Armor. Deflector and Armor come from Khitomer Accord space and ground respectively, Weapon and Engine come from Cure, and Shield and PSD techs come from Infected. Note that there are 3 types of Tech: Common, Rare, and Prototype. They pay for Mk X, XI, and XII respectively.

Edit: And I forgot to mention that all forms of Salvage - [Rare Borg Salvage] and [Prototype Borg Salvage] can be found in the optional loot drop or in the mission rewards, with the Rare one paying for Mk X gear on a 1/1 ratio or Mk XI gear on a 2/1 ratio, and the Prototype one paying for Mk XII gear on a 1/1 ratio. But I repeat: Salvage pays for non-set, Tech pays for set.

Re-edit: And if Gozer were to come and answer your post, the answer would be the same - except for a possibly different choice of words

Re-re-edit: Oh, I just remembered: Gozer's in PvP now, not PvE, so I doubt he's still browsing this section of the forums.