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05-04-2012, 01:57 PM
I'll throw my 2 EC in

Eng/Atrox Heal/Support Carrier build:
Lt Tac: TacTeam 1, Attack Pattern: Delta 1 (Or FAW/CSV 2 if you want to help with damage/clear spam a bit)
LtC Eng: EPtS 1, Extend 1, Aux to SIF 2*
LtC Sci: Hazard Emitters 1, Transfer Shields 2, Science Team 3
Cmdr Sci: Hazard Emitters 1, Transfer Shields 2, Science Team 3, TBR 3**

*Extend 1 and Aux to SIF 2 can be swapped around (Aux to SIF 1/Extend 2) depending on your skill. If you're having trouble keeping your allies within Extend range, then Aux to SIF 2 might be a better choice since that will always land, vs a situational extra ~10% resist that will come from Extend 1 vs Extend 2.

**TBR 3 may seem like a weird choice here, but it's quite useful for support healing. It'll fling attacking Escorts/pets/EWP or Theta bombing people away and give you some breathing room. However, a lot of times (especially now with Adv Danubes bringing 1234870924350 Tractor Beams), Escorts will have Omega or PH. This isn't an issue since while they'll ignore the Repel effect of TBR, they'll be taking quite a lot of damage from it - so much so that they may be forced to break off and run.